Small Business Productivity Tool: Evernote


Chuck Solomon

Small business productivity tool

I sit here typing this article on to tell you why I like Evernote.  Someone introduced me to this productivity tool a few years ago and I wish I could recall who that person is so that I can thank them.  Since EN has become an integral part of my day to day work and personal life and has made me more productive and better organized.   I enjoy sharing why I like EN but this is the first-time I have written about it to share this with others here on my blog.


(update: 12-10-13) A friend asked me the other day why I liked this App and rather than answering, I shared a draft of this article directly from EN to my friend to read.

What is Evernote?  Essentially it is a place write notes and organize and store them in the Cloud so that you can read/write them from all your devices.


How do I use Evernote?  I put everything in Evernote.  An article such as this starts inEN.  Notes from a client meetings go in EN.  Ideas for a new project go in EN.  I recently wrote directions on which routes to take driving from North Carolina to Massachusetts.  During the trip, I had my son read them to me while I was driving.  These same directions I forwarded to a friend that was planning to make the same trip.


What is your favorite feature?  The voice to text is my favorite feature.  While the voice recognition sometimes misunderstands what I intended to write, it is simple to correct.  I also like the fact that I can view all of my notes on my laptop or my smartphone which stay synched automatically since EN is in the Cloud.  These notes can all be organized by notebooks and are searchable.


How much does it cost?  It is Free for a basic account which is suitably for most.  Premium plans start at $5 per month.  I think it is easiest to register for an account on your computer first, then download the App on your smart phone or tablet.  I say this because for me it is easier and quicker to type on a full size keyboard.