Client Feedback, It’s A Good Thing

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It’s always great to hear from clients whether they ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ what we are doing.  Client feedback is a good thing!  At LineHire, we are happy with the ‘likes’ but we are also happy with the ‘dislikes’! Yes, that may sound odd but here’s the thing. We’re able to use the ‘dislikes’ as constructive feedback. This in-turn helps us to improve our product! And hopefully we are able to in-time turn ‘dislikes’ into ‘likes’!

This week we received a number of client ‘likes’, which I’ll share some here.

 “I am very grateful for the resource you and your team have provided.”  — Regional HR Director, New England

“Of all the things we’ve tried, this one works the best.” — HR Generalist, Midwest

“Huge amount of value for the cost…very efficient and high quality candidates presented.” — Venture Capitalist, Southwest

Talk with your clients often. They’ll tell you what you are doing right and what you need to improve on.  Then act on what needs improving!


About LineHire:

LineHire is a tool for in-house company recruitment teams. It’s part technology and part human-powered. Delivering companies like Reinhart, REI, and GeoSteering, interview-ready candidates that are qualified, interested and available.  Start your hiring campaign at


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