How do you recognize your staff?

I wrote earlier this year about the importance of thanking your staff and wanted to share how one of my clients thanks their staff in this post.
One of my contractor clients wanted to do something to recognize and reward their staff.  Something simple to implement and easy to manage.  After, some research on my part, I found a solution with Bonusly. With Bonusly, team members and management are able to recognize each other for the positive work they do each and every day.  My client and their staff absolutely love this tool!
Bonusly is an open recognition system where everyone can see who is being recognized and for what reason.  There is plenty of research that proves a primary reason for employees leaving their position is because of lack of being recognized for the work they do.  Employee turnover is costly for all businesses and Bonusly is going to help reduce staff turnover for my client although we don’t have numbers on that yet.
During the first month of using this tool, my client was very happy with the results.  They found that 88% of its staff were actively using the tool and they hope are 100% within the next and subsequent months.
By the numbers:
  • 10 Minutes to set-up (no-cost to set-up account)
  • 1 Day to see staff interaction
  • 100 Percent of Staff registered (85% of staff registered within 48 hours of launch)
  • 95  Percent of Staff participating
  • 88 Percent of staff that gave at least on bonus to a peer.
  • 110 Number of bonuses sent (within the first 2 weeks of implementation)
  • 21 Percent citing #Leadership as important value
  • 17 Percent citing #Team-work as important value
  • 15 Percent citing #Customer-service as important value
  • $1.48 Average amount of bonus given
  • $10 Amount each staff may bonus to other staff per month (managers have $25)
Learn more at  If you sign-up, please tell them I referred you and I’ll receive a some compensation for referring you.  And I will certainly thank you for that! (please read my full disclosure notice here)

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