How many interviews are enough?

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Interviewing is a fact of life for hiring managers.  They need to get to know a job candidate well enough in order to make an informed decision of whether or not to extend a job offer. But how many interviews is the right number to make candidates (and company staff) go through before a hiring decision can be made?

Two … three … seventeen! Yes, seventeen!

I recently heard of a Fortune 500 company conducting 17 interview with a candidate prior to making an offer of employment.  Were they interviewing for their next CEO or for someone else in the C-suite?  No! This was for a program manager level position with this company.

I also learned of another Fortune 500 company. Very similar story.  They conducted 10 interviews with a candidate. Which doesn’t sound like much compared to the previous example.  However, the candidate had previously worked for the company just a few years earlier, so there were not many unknowns here. Still the company couldn’t make a hiring decision in less then 10 interviews.  Again, they weren’t hiring at the C-suite level.

So my question is…How many interviews does it take to get enough sense of a cultural fit and understanding of a candidates expertise?

Please share your opinion below and VOTE.  For the sake of discussion, we’ll say this is a mid-level position at a Fortune 500, requiring a Bachelors degree, and paying $75,000 annual salary before bonuses. I am defining an interview as either in-person, via telephone, or via video-conference.

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How many interviews is enough?


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