How to respond to a negative online review

Sunset on Online Reviews

In the Internet age, all businesses at some point in time will have to deal with criticism directed at them via the Internet.  More often today, your prospective customer is reading online reviews for your company prior to picking up the phone to call.  It is imperative that you both monitor and respond, as your business reputation is at stake.

Your number one way to handle a negative online review is to have many favorable ones.  Many prospective customers will look past that negative review if you have mostly favorable reviews from other customers.   It is up to the business to ensure they deliver top service and encourage their ‘happy’ customers to share their experiences online with others.

Tips on how to respond to a negative online review

1.  Have several positive reviews from happy customers!  Develop a system for collecting these reviews.

2.  If the online review website allows, always reply to the negative review.  Respond professionally with something like … We at XYZ Company strive to make each of our customers happy with our firm.  This is well documented with our many positive online reviews from happy clients.  Despite our best efforts, this individual was not fully satisfied and we regret that fact. Our reputation speaks for itself with our long list of happy customers.

3.  Call the customer and professionally try to work out a plan that is satisfactory to both parties.

4.  Always be professional and courteous in these situations.

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