Improve Your Employer Brand By Eliminating These Recruiting Practices

employer branding

Liz Ryan highlights five practices that can improve a company’s employer brand simply by eliminating some or all of these recruiting practices in her article¬†Five Heartless Recruiting Practices That Need To Die. Here are five practices she suggests that need to go away:

1. Deciding which candidates to interview by keyword-searching their resumes or applications. Good employers know that reviewing resumes is a human function!

2. Structuring job interviews as formal, uni-directional Q & A exercises. Good job interviews are two-way conversations between equals.

3. Making job-seekers wait in silence for weeks between interactions. Smart managers stay in touch with job-seekers and make the recruiting process as fast and nimble as possible.

4. Expecting job-seekers to work for free during the interview process, by creating a marketing plan or an IT strategy without compensation, for instance.

5. Treating job-seekers like cattle by implying through their words and actions that the employer is mighty and the job-seeker is nothing. Run away from any employer who treats you badly on the job search trail!

It is clear that employers following any of the above practices will need to change if they expect to grow their employer brand and improve their recruiting efforts and hiring going forward. Read the full article.


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