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Image credit: Robson Hatsukami Morgan

I have been studying recruiting tactics by major trucking and logistics companies lately and wanted to share some of what I have observed. Trucking has an immense driver recruiting challenge with nearly 50,000 unfilled driver openings nationally. Granted being a trucker isn’t the easiest profession yet it is still one that someone without a college degree can do and earn a decent living wage.

For trucking companies answering the question of how to find and hire great CDL-A drivers is really quite simple in terms of concept however not so in practice. Creating a strong employer brand and becoming the employer of choice for drivers in your region or the lanes you cover is key. Then all the best drivers will flock to your company. This will not only solve your driver recruiting challenges but also your driver retention ones as well!

Driver recruitment and retention is complex and something I can’t possibly solve in this quick article. But let’s just tackle one problem that won’t cost anything to solve but will simply take a little time to implement. That is … trucking companies let’s improve your written job postings!

Here are some of the actual terms and phrases I have observed in job ads from some major carriers that can certainly be improved upon:

“guaranteed detention”  — brings back memories of having to stay after school!
“more home time guaranteed” — explain how this works please
“respect” — again, explain how this works please
“plenty of miles” — explain this in terms of actual earnings
“earn more cheddar” — must’ve been a position in Wisconsin!

Other than the “cheddar” mention, I observed these phrases repeatedly and believe we can do better. How can you improve your employer brand if you sound and seem like all your competitors?  So I challenge you to take a look at your current job advertisements, job descriptions and recruitment communications to see how you can improve them. That’s my one driver recruitment tip.

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