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If you are a small business owner wanting to grow.  You really need to read this! Especially, if you own a home improvement/contracting businesses as finding qualified craftsmen is the single biggest impediment to your growth.

For many many small businesses including home improvement businesses, 2013 and 2014 were great years and 2015 looks to be even better. There appears to be pent up demand as homeowners are starting to plan and implement both home maintenance and improvement projects. Because of the housing downturn, many home improvement businesses were previously forced to let go of staff because of lack of projects. Now they are trying to find new staff to serve their clients. The hiring of new home improvement, building, construction and trades staff has becoming increasingly challenging as many of these workers moved onto new careers when there were no jobs to be found in the industry. Here are four tips to help small business owners fulfill their hiring needs.

Don’t Wait Until You Need Someone

Before you have an actual job opening, start recruiting staff ahead of time. Fill your pipeline with qualified candidates, so when you have an opening you are not starting from scratch. Major League Baseball teams only have a 25 man roster. However, each team has a farm system of players that stand at the ready should one of those players become unable to play. Start developing your own farm system.

Try Before You Buy

Would you buy a new truck without first taking it for a test drive? Not likely. The same goes for a new employee: determine a way to try out the candidate before you actually hire them. That way you can assess whether they will be a good fit for your company, and evaluate their skills, experience, and work habits. It will also give the candidate an opportunity to educate themselves about your business, ensuring that if you do offer them a position they are fully informed about your practices and your people.

Background Check

Take the time to do proper background checking. Always collect — and call — references provided by the candidate. Verify dates they’ve worked for past employers and try to get references from former managers. Check them out on social media websites like FaceBook and LinkedIn. These tasks all take time to do but are free of cost. Consider performing a paid background check that may include criminal, civil, substance, DMV, sex offender, credit check, etc. Taking this time upfront with candidates will ensure better hiring decisions.

Be The Best Place To Work

True salary and benefits are important to all employees, however most staff want to be in a workplace that is supportive, friendly and offers challenging work to do. Take a look at your current operation and assess where you can make improvements and then make them. Is it flexible work times, use of new technologies, or enhancing work procedures? Every workplace can use some improvement. If you are unsure how to improve your operations or workplace, just ask for input from your existing staff. Create an anonymous survey if you want. Seek their input on ways to make your company the premier place to work in your area.

The recruitment, hiring, training, and retaining of quality staff are critical to every business. Those human resources functions are just a few of the many roles that a small business owner must take on to have a successful business.

Wishing you business success in 2015!

Chuck Solomon helps small businesses with human resources, recruiting, marketing, and other small business matters. Follow his blog at  He is also part the founding team at developing a totally new approach to finding great candidates to interview and hire.

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