Simply Inspiring

Chris Rosati

Websters Dictionary should update the definition of the word inspiration to, simply, see Chris Rosati.  Chris is one of the most inspiring persons I have ever met in-person.  If you take a little time to learn about Chris, I am pretty sure you will find him inspiring as well.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Chris last Fall at a fundraising event in Durham that I had a small part in helping out with.  The goal of the event was to raise money for a new charity Chris was starting called the Inspire MEdia Foundation and raise awareness for ALS.  Chris has the terminal disease, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease but that doesn’t seem to slow Chris down much.  ALS has been receiving much notoriety with its #IceBucketChallenge and if you are on social media, you have likely been challenged at least once to dump a bucket of cold ice water over your head.  To date over $4 Million has been raised in less than a months time since this campaign has been running.  An impressive feat and a sizable amount to help find a cure for this disease!

Despite living with ALS, Chris is spending much of his time in trying to make others smile.  He was just the focus of a Steve Hartman segment on CBS News. Please take a moment to Google ‘Chris Rosati’ and you will see a long and growing list of things Chris is doing to inspire others.  So spend a little time learning about Chris and he will you will see how he inspires others.  He certainly inspires me!

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