Top 10 Ways To Have A Bad Remodeling Experience


Top 10 Ways To Have A BAD Remodeling Experience

by Chuck Solomon

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1. Don’t do any planning — why plan out a project ahead of time, things will all work out in the end.


2. Skip the design — a simple drawing scratched on a napkin is all the detail the builder or contractor will need.


3. Hire an unlicensed contractor — licensed, unlicensed is there really much difference?


4. Don’t thoroughly vet the contractor — the reference letter they presented from 1989 will suffice.


5. Hire your ‘out of work’ cousin Vinny to do the job — he has a couple of tools and seems to know what he’s doing.


6. Ask the clerk at Lowe’s or Home Depot for renovation tips and Do-It-Yourself to save some cash.


7. Try to GC it yourself — you can hire and manage all the subs, after-all you watch a lot of HGTV & DIY Network, how hard can it really be.


8. Skip the building permit — why do we need someone to check over ‘our guys’ work.


9. Skip a written agreement — why would I want to spell out what work should be done in a written contract, we already talked about the project at length.


10. Go with the lowest estimate —  after collecting 17 estimates be sure to select the lowest one.  This remodeling work is just a commodity isn’t it.


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Top 10 Ways To Have A Bad Remodeling Experience!


*My apologies to anyone named Vinny for item #5.  I meant no offense and was loosely attempting to reference an old Joe Pesci comedy!
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