Why are there so many BAD head shots on LinkedIn?

bad profile images on LinkedIn

by Chuck Solomon, MSW


This article also appeared on LinkedIn.


A recent survey of LinkedIn profile headshot images concludes that 39.1% are simply awful!


So that statistic is far from scientific, it is merely based on my own observations.  My point is if you are using LinkedIn as the professional forum it is intended, shouldn’t you upload the best photograph of yourself?


We have all seen these kinds of images … they are:  blurred, pixelated, too small, too shiny, too dark, poorly cropped, busy backgrounds, red-eyed devil looking etc.  Above are some images from actual LinkedIn profiles, untouched to illustrate my point. If your headshot resembles one of my examples, please, I implore you to get a new photo of yourself TODAY! [My apologies if you are one of the 20 individuals if this offended. That was not my intent, just wanted to prove a point.]


This is basic photography, not rocket-science here.  Find a friend with a camera, select a place with a simple background, and take several pictures and choose the best one. To take it a step further, why not hire a professional photographer to produce this image for you.  It will cost you a few dollars (perhaps $50-$75 depending on where you are located) but at least you’ll look good.  There is plenty of scientific research that confirms you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So whether you are on LinkedIn to find a new job, network with colleagues, connect with customers, or find new customers, making a good first impression with a decent photograph of yourself is imperative. With Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016, will likely mean that your profile image will be broadcast even further.


I know two great photographers that would be happy to take some great head shots for you at a fair price. One did mine, that I am pretty happy with. So if you are located near Chapel Hill or Durham, NC or Manchester, NH I am happy to refer you.  If you are or know a great photographer, please leave your location and website in the comments below. Do share this article all your LinkedIn connections, especially the ones with bad photos. Perhaps it will be the gentle reminder for them to take action and post a better photo.


Chuck Solomon is a recruitment marketing strategist helping talent acquisition leaders promote their employer brand. He is also co-founder of the recruitment marketplace, LineHire.  



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